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Finished a great bike ride, but one tinged with sadness.

A 30 mike bike ride earlier today along the Leeds Liverpool Canal out towards Saltaire. Details from Cyclemeter as follows: Finished Cycle: 7 Aug 2011 14:31:20 Route: New Route Google Maps URL: Shortened Google Maps URL: Import URL: Ride Time: 2:44:40 Stopped Time: 0:00 Distance: 30.09 miles Average: 10.96 miles/h Fastest Speed: [...]


Raining in Leeds and desperate to get out on the mountain bike

Well, here is the view from the company flat of the direction I wish to venture toward on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, and it is raining. A large squall has just passed through Clarence Dock and was vicious in terms of horizontal rain, which prompted me to take the bike back to the flat. Tweet


Looking forward to a beer this evening in sunny Leeds

Well, I have decided to drive back to Macclesfield tomorrow, as I am tired and cannot face the M62 on a Friday evening. Tonight’s entertainment will involve a nice beer outside somewhere. Need to make a plan as to this. All suggestions are welcomed! Currently in the homejames office with the troops! Busy, busy week [...]