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It is nice to be feeling better, after the “Black Dog.”

Re-boot, re-boot, re-boot happening… Well after a somewhat wobbly period, erm… Understatement of the year, the Cobbler seems to be on the mend and facing in the right direction. Still crazy mind you… Big thanks to all the friends and family who helped me out. Tweet


Great walk today on Stanage Edge!

Great walk today on Stanage Edge with the offical Steve Baker. Bit brisk with plenty of wind, but good fun nonetheless. I do love the hills above Glossop where I live. And especially when walking with great company! Tweet


Well it has been a while… Since the last post. Back to report.

Well the Cobley has not been posting on the blog about his goings on for what has been a while and a while indeed. Variety of reasons I suppose, but neatly divided into personal and work. All in all a tough 2013 if I am honest for personal reasons, and as I look back 2012 [...]