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A great 12 mile run from Denshaw reservoir on Saturday

A magnificent 12.34 fell run happened on Saturday just gone, and whilst the weather was patchy, all in all it was a great run. Claire was on top form, and yes still have fun trying to keep up with her when she is in in downhill mode. Cyclemeter Route: New Route Activity: Run Run Link: [...]


Ted the tart!

Well out on a walk in Uppermill by the canal having parked by the Brownhill Visitor Centre. Ted has a) had a wander, b) had a number of wees. On entering the Lime Kiln Café in the Brownhill Centre Ted (also woofed a snorker down) made a complete tart of himself with females who are [...]


Fell running…

Well I completed a fell run from Marsden and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Really getting into the spirit of things with what are a nice bunch of people. Loving the outdoor hill aspect of it all, but by heck are these fell runners fit when compared to road runners… A dog (four legged) also beat me… [...]