Yet again, don’t bother with Macclesfield Radio Cars

So, in town with father at the Waters Green Tavern. Ordered a Macclesfield Radio Car taxi and no surprise it was late (as usual) and not an excuse given… After waiting 15 minutes pass the due time, 45 minutes since ordering I called the firm.

On challenging the receptionist on role at the time, the cab was cancelled in a fit of temper… In all fairness I lost my temper in a polite manner and have no issue with a sharp response, but the manner and action was shocking.

I now go the Internet to ask for all and sundry to complain about how crap Macclesfield Town Radio Cars are…

It is not about time that someone raised the flag as to how poor the service is from this firm, and that they have the nerve to claim they are corporate?

They have the gall to claim this…

Macc Radio Cars

Macc Radio Cars

I am Macclesfield born and bred and support local firms, but this lot are a joke. A real joke. No apology, nothing. One of the worse firms ever…


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