Looking forward to a month of fell running, well a whole year

Asim 20th January 2017

Asim 20th January 2017

Looking forward to a month, what’s left of it of fell running as I play catch up after my cold earlier in the month. Soon to head out an get some miles under my belt in a fresh Saddleworth morning.

Good training session on Tuesday night from Stu, as we ran around the local area for Fartlek training.

Mind you eating three miniature Melton Mowbray pork pies with mixed nuts was not a good idea as I felt sick running up to Lydgate on Oldham Road.

Finished Run: 24 Jan 2017, 20:47:04

Route: Fartlek training

Explorer Link: http://runmeter.com/5ac1951553ceacba/Run-20170124-1931

Import Link: http://share.abvio.com/5ac1951553ceacba/Runmeter-Run-20170124-1931.kml

Run Time: 1:15:07

Stopped Time: 0:00

Distance: 6.88 miles

Average: 10:55 /mile

Fastest Pace: 5:03 /mile

Ascent: 604

Descent: 604

Calories: 867



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