A lovely day in Roundhay Leeds.

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The office in Roundhay

An amazing summer day on the hill in the office in Roundhay, with really nice views. Everyone is busy and in a good mood, with a number of people working outside in the courtyard.

I also had a nice meeting with Mr Jamie Hood, and always a delight to see him.


The view from the Roundhay office to Leeds city centre

Personally I am very happy at the moment after making a monumental change, and recognising the need for other change; but with the happiness comes a longing and sadness for the company of a special someone, who was let down so terribly, and deserved better. Ploughing on as I made the decision, now have the solution, and a sense of direction, and help; wish I had made the realisation and change years ago.  But it’s not too late. I will prove what I need and want to, and people will see this – actions instead of words. There is no going back to how it was. Friends have been great and that tickles me. But one special person is constantly thought of…


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