Bike rides are us. In the company flat in Leeds and looking forward to a bike ride in unknown territory.

Well, it has been a while, a while, a while, and more of a while since I last updated you all (if you give a toss) on my movements. Work has been busy to say the least but enjoyable, with a good crew to work with.

Leeds I am learning more about and whilst having been here so many times on business, I am only now really getting a flavour of the place, and to be honest I do like the city, which has a character different to Manchester. Now I like Manchester as it is my home city and where the family comes from. But Leeds has a certain something about it that I like, including the Yorkshire mentality and way of doing things.

I have been in the company flat since last Sunday night, and decided to stay over today in order to enjoy a foreign bike ride tomorrow in Leeds or the local area. I have been cycling along the canal this week from Clarence dock in both directions, and have enjoyed it. The furthest distance cycled is 20 miles, and I intend to go a bit further tomorrow and discover a bit more of Yorkshire.

Calvin and Hobbes bike

Calvin and Hobbes bike


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