Sunday thoughts…

Well, I have had a lie in and I need to decide if I go for a run, or maybe a walk? Or something at least, or how about I take it easy and enjoy Sunday. The weather is not marvellous to say the least in Macclesfield and I am leaning to driving to Macclesfield Forest and going for a walk. We shall see. Firstly I have to take father shopping, and fill the car with fuel, and I need to see Mother, and also weigh up popping into Shrigley Hall. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I think I’ll sort the shopping and car out with father. I know that an old school friend, Gareth, is over from Chicago and there are drinks organised at the Waters Green Tavern. So that is evening sorted – a quiet one mind you as I have the drive to Leeds tomorrow. I need to see mother, so will do that. And I have a free three day pass to Shrigley Hall, so may use that!

And it is cold, freezing fog in Macclesfield – not nice.

Turkey - Pamukkale

Turkey - Pamukkale


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