The team never stop at Found Us

Despite our being on holiday in Corsica, we don’t stop. The team are talking to a raft of candidates and working on some great roles, in the UK and abroad. Have a look at the jobs section of Found Us.

What are we up to? Well currently we are cycling in Corsica and not for the faint hearted – mountainous and very hot. Yes, we like to have a play, but on a more serious note we are working hard for the important people in out business. The candidates and the clients. We really do strive to make sure we keep in touch with both sides, whilst acting ethically to achieve the results. Yes it is shocking that we actually care, but that is what the business is built on. Give us a call and we can chat about what it is that you really need and want. It does matter to us. It means a lot to help.

En route to Galeria

En route to Galeria


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