Today could and is likely to be a day of decisions.

Today is a day of decisions, yawn, but tea and coffee and the scratching of the bum has to come first. The Cobley is slow to rouse in the morning at times, and contemplates “things” and thus is best left to lurch about, examining all that is pointless, with a “just right” amount of waffle and irrelevance.

He/it is also slow to rouse over matters of principle, and ┬áis “slow burn” with him being of rampant opinion if a line is crossed. Without principles then we have nothing, and are nothing as a person, as a fellow human being. You diminish internally if you do not stand up for what is right.

The photo reminds me of past times and of what is nice in life, where I have been, can go, and of who I am.



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